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Basic Crochet

This class teaches the basic building blocks of crochet to prepare

students for reading patterns and simple projects.

We will cover: a tie on, start a new chain, a single & double

& triple crochet. You will learn how to make the basic granny

square to create a throw or blanket.

The class will also cover the basic shell stitch

to make baby blankets.

We will create a snowflake closer to the end of the semester.

Basic English

This is a basic English class for non-Chinese speakers.

Come practice English with teachers and other new friends.

Beauty Care

Learn to use products and techniques right for you to take

care of yourself from head to toe,

with emphasis on hair, skin and nails.

We do fun things in class including

complete makeovers, manicures and pedicures.

We'll discuss how your nutrition

and overall health contributes to your beauty.

Beginner Piano(class closed)

This class introduces music & piano basics.

It's the perfect class for a true beginner.

Children's Books with Crafts

Are you interested in children's literature?

This class gives a fun, interactive look

at a variety of books for toddlers, preschoolers

and early elementary aged children.

Early literacy skills are emphasized.

Each week we make a craft that enhances the stories.

The class is a great way to get some fun ideas for your child.

Diamond Painting

Can you paint with diamonds? This class will teach you how.

Using small diamond beads, make beautiful art for

decorating your home or gifting to friends.

Practice English conversation while you create!

English Reading and Grammar

This class improves skills with reading comprehension

and conversation for non-beginner English learners.

Using biblical accounts, the class will

give many opportunities for practicing English.

Intermediate Conversational English(class closed)

This class is designed for English lessons and practice.

There will be opportunities for growth in areas specific

to the needs of the class attendees.

It is designed for those with more than

a basic understanding of English.

Intermediate Piano

This class builds on Beginner Piano while increasing

the learning of music and piano skills.

A basic understanding of music and piano is required.

Just Arrived: What's Next?(class closed)

This is designed for ladies here in the United States

for the first time or for less than 3 years.

It's a class where "Everyone Learns, Everyone Shares!"

The class will provide tips and hints to acclimating successfully

to your new community while providing

lots of opportunity to practice conversational

English and learn new vocabulary.


This class teaches the basics of knitting for those just starting.

Come learn a new skill and practice conversation as you learn!

All levels of knitting are welcome, not just the beginners!

Let's Celebrate with Crafts:

Preparing for Special Occasions!

This is a hands-on class teaching you to make items that will

make your occasion or party more festive.

Woven ribbon table runners, handmade party invites or cards,

special gift wrapping, homemade goodies for gifts, party favors

and more will make your occasion special.

Quilting-Machine(class closed)

This class teaches basic skills of piecing, quilting and binding a quilt.

Please note: participants must know how to sew

and operate a sewing machine.

Sewing(class closed)

This class is an introduction to sewing and using a sewing

machine for both brand new and those building

on beginner sewing skills.


Simple English for Chinese (SEC)

This is a basic English class for Chinese speakers.

It will include practice of English with

teachers and other new friends.

Travel Around Our Community(class closed)

This class covers a brief history of Texas

and teaches about the local communities

of Bryan and College Station.

The class will travel to sites with both historical

and current interest around the towns.

Please note: this class is not for parents with children

in Discovery's childcare as parents cannot

leave the premises due to liability restrictions.

Writing For Fun(class closed)

This class gives an opportunity to practice

writing in English and being

creative with new friends.

Tell stories, write poems and laugh along the way!